Welcome to the Clans

Hello young one... This is the forest, home of the warrior cats. Come, I'll take you to them, I'm sure they'll teach you the ways. But you must fight, hunt and care for your clan; are you sure you're ready? Very well. Come, I shall take you to them. Oh, my name? That is not important, I will be gone soon anyway. Here we are. Take care, young warrior. I shall see you again soon.

Hi, and welcome to my site! This is a site for you to create and roleplay your own warrior cat characters. Just follow the rules and we'll get along.

Please take the time to visit this awesome site :D - http://www.warriorcatsoftheforest.com/


1. Have fun (of course)

2. No multi-accounting

3. Members may have 20 characters, mods, admins and the site owner may have 25

4. You must apply for moderator by PMing the site owner and telling them why you would make a good mod; Admins will be chosen by the site owner.

5. No two cats except for kits and apprentices may have the same name.

6. Names of characters in the book may not be used.

7. Respect everyone and be kind

8. No sexual or inappropriate language may be used.

9. Everyone must remain active

10. Any plot ideas or prophecies must be reviewed by an admin or the site owner.

11. You have to have a list of characters in your profile

12. All characters must be made in the guestbook

13. After a month, kittypets, loners and rouges must join a clan, unless they belong to The Angels

14. The admins and the site owner must all decide on the next deputy and agree.

15. Roleplay post must be in third-person past-tense (EX: The cat climbed the tree and looked down at the ground below)

16. All forum posts must have at least one sentence of roleplaying in them

17. No double posting

18. All unrelated talk to the roleplay must be put in parentheses

19. Moderators, administrators and the site owner may have two high positions at a time. Members may only have one.

20. Owners of the leader can decide when they want to do a ceremony, but they have to wait at least a week after the kit becomes an apprentice or is born.

**you do not have to ask for now**

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Recent Prophecies

Light and dark shall become enemies. Only Starclan knows what will bring them together again.

Next Gathering

This will be decided once we have more members

Next Moonpool Meeting

This will be decided once we have more members